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Historical Figures

Oak Miner

George the miner sits overlooking the river Wear near Durham.

Commissioned by the Woodland Trust, he was constructed from oak strips on a metal frame for strength and durability.

It’s a fabulous feeling to know how many people love him; we see his photo popping up on social media frequently, and the local running club have adopted him as a mascot!

Working in partnership with Anna Turnbull , it took us four days to complete him in-situ.

Please let us know if you have an interest in our local history themed willow sculpture.

World War One Soldier

A willow soldier sculpture has been created as part of a war memorial at a primary school.

Children from Finchale Primary School, Durham, helped to create the First World War soldier.

The willow soldier is depicted sitting on sandbags writing a letter home and is surrounded by three arbours, where it is planned seating will be installed. He is made from willow and oak, using a metal frame.


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