Sylvan Skills recently had the chance to discuss willow weaving and mental well-being with Robson Green in the 2nd season of Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes. The episodes was first aired on New Year’s Day 2024 on BBC2 and can be viewed on iPlayer now.

As a creative practitioner Sylvan Skills is keen to make a difference to people’s mental well-being.  Our experience shows that by interlocking willow branches one can achieve much more than long-lasting functional or decorative items. Willow weaving improves our well-being by connecting our outer to our inner self.

People working with willow find the process grounding and deeply relaxing as it not only engages their hands but also their minds, rooting them in the current moment. But willow weaving not only connects us to ourselves; it also tightens the bond to our surroundings. When working with natural materials we can’t help but appreciate the richness of nature. As every branch is different we learn to deal with ‘imperfections’ and irregularities, a skill which helps us in everyday life. And who doesn’t want a mind as bendy as a willow branch?

Willow weaving and mental well-being

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