Hands-on experiences for mental well-being

Being creative, and spending time outdoors, has a massive positive impact on mental well-being, for most. Many people don’t get to spend enough time outdoors making things using one’s hands. The lack of fresh air and physical exercise can have a detrimental effect on mental well-being, whereas being outdoors using natural materials to create beautiful items has a positive effect.

Shaping objects with newly learned skills and using one’s senses to interact with natural materials is a very satisfying experience for grown-ups, young adults and children alike. This can be even more fulfilling for people who struggle in daily life because of mental and/or physical challenges. There are many hidden benefits of processing and weaving coppice materials to support the educational development. This can especially benefit children and young adults with additional needs and disabilities. They will encounter valuable opportunities to solve problems and enhance their spatial awareness, fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. Furthermore, working together in small groups will increase sociability, speech and language skills.

Everyone can benefit from hands-on activities and gain a sense of achievement when looking at a finished object which demanded new motor skills, one’s full attention and continual concentration.

North East Wilds

This month Sylvan Skills teamed up with North East Wilds, an organisation promoting wellbeing, through experiences for mental well-being, by being outdoors and offering weekly gardening activities for the whole community. In a joint effort volunteers worked with Sylvan Skills coppicing hazel, with plenty of time for tea and chat.
Furthermore, the volunteers collected hazelnuts, learnt to tie knots, and enjoyed the autumn sunshine. The hazel was then taken to Bill Quay Farm allotments where it will be made into a decorative screen.

Find out more about our work with children with additional needs and disabilities: https://sylvanskills.co.uk/working-with-sen/

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The Benefits of Willow Weaving in SEN

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