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​Rods of hazel and willow are cut from stands of managed coppice . Hazel cut every winter from a coup that is one eighth of the woodland. Whereas willow has a shorter rotation of one or two years.

Hazel and large biomass willow used to make woven fencing.

Various species of willow cut for making living willow structures, including coloured willow.

For basket making I use varieties of willow that produce thin shorter rods including several types of Purpurea. Please enquire about the availability of surplus material for sale for your own projects.

We are presently developing coppice products for sale including Westmorland Panels, please get in touch if you are interested in ordering or would like to see examples.

If you’d like to find out more about our Workshops, sculptures or Living willow products please take a look through our website or contact us for more information or an estimate for a project.

Community Workshop

We offer a range of community based workshops that promote teamwork and social engagement. We can deliver our workshops either indoors or outdoors and can offer a range services that allow participants to create their own pieces such as
basketry items or plant trainers for their gardens.