willow fence panels

These are as pleasing to create as they are to look at! There is so much choice of colour and weave, and the fences provide a good windbreak or visual screen.

The panels are usually solid, but can be woven with gaps in for bird hides or to grow climbing plants from.

The panels can be made from classic basket willow or cleft, 2 year old 'super willow'.

We always seek to understand your needs before making recommendations on materials or weaves. Please do get in touch to find out more.

willow woven fencing
willow woven fencing

Woven Fencing

We typically create separate fence panels or continuously woven (in situ) fencing. Materials used include willow or a durable hazel structure for longevity. Fence panels are used as visual screening to surround an area or diffuse the wind. Options include using cleft material and using only hazel.