heritage crafts

We're passionate that our heritage craft techniques are not forgotten and as such, we recreate techniques in our workshops that have been in use for thousands of years.  The ancient causeway The Sweet Track in the Somerset levels, is thought to have been built in 3807 or 3806 BC  demonstrate these ancient techniques perfectly. 

Our heritage projects include Wattle and Daub, Frame Baskets and English Rush are amongst our most popular. 

The range of native materials we use include, hazel, oak, rush, birch and elm and these workshops are a wonderful way to connect with both nature and friends. 

If you would like to find out more about our full range of heritage crafts, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

traditional swedish  basketry workshop
traditional swedish basketry workshop

Heritage Craft

We can deliver our workshops either indoors or outdoors and can offer a range services that allow participants to learn ancient skills in a modern setting. In 2013 Sylvan Skills were awarded the Walmsley Bursary by the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers and continue to utilise skills gained from that learning.