Wind in the Willows

Toad 1

This photo is just part of the adventure we created for Letchworth City Garden Heritage Foundation who commissioned the work, to go on the Greenway at Radwell Meadows.

Three scenes:

Toad and his car Toad1, with room for 2 people to sit in the car.

Ratty and Mole on riverbank having a picnic, with picnic basket, and a living willow rowing boat.​

Badger with walking stick in his house

Characters made of basket willow on a metal frame, with fused glass eyes, apart from Toad.

Characters have some clothes e.g. jackets/ trews/ boots/ shoes.




toad 1
toad 1

Working with willow

Our willow sculptures typically depict characters from children's books or films such as The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Brum car TV series. Alternatively we recreate themes from local history or nature such as a coal miner or woodland birds.