Community Workshop

We offer a range of community based workshops including passing on weaving skills to local learners and promoting teamwork and social cohesion.

We collaborate with a wide range of community groups including:

  • 'Friends of' groups
  • Special interest groups
  • Drop in sessions
  • Young people's project groups 


community workshop in gateshead
community workshop in gateshead

We deliver our workshops either indoors or out, and offer a range of services that allow participants to create their own pieces such as basketry items or plant trainers for their gardens.

For further information and prices, please get in touch.

skills exchange workshop
skills exchange workshop

Art Therapy

Many people benefit from the relaxing yet focussed activity of willow weaving. 
This physical, repetitive yet creative therapy has been useful in reducing stress and
providing relaxation as a means for people in an informal learning group to
engage with one another.