Brum TV Series

Brum car was the end result of a project working with young people at a secure hospital for several weeks in the summer holidays.

The finished sculpture is testament to the group's hard work. They enjoyed working outside and gained confidence in their abilities through working creatively together in a relaxed setting.

Brum is a British TV series aired on Children's BBC about the adventures of a radio controlled car. Due to its success, the show also aired in the United States and Australia. 

If you are considering a willow sculpture project similar to Brum, please get in touch.

willow brum car from the tv series
willow brum car from the tv series

Willow Sculpture

Our willow sculptures typically depict characters from children's books or films such as The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Brum car TV series. Alternatively we recreate themes from local history or nature such as a coal miner or woodland birds.