Living Willow

Living willow structures are grown in situ and they need plenty of space and light. Once they're established, the new growth in summer can be either woven back in or cut back. In winter the structures are bare, but in summer months they provide a beautiful leafy green screen.

For schools, living willow structures promote safe, outdoor play, where children can learning about living plants. Our structures can be built for both small and large child-sized spaces and can even hold whole classes!

Our domes and tunnels provide sun shelter and in the garden, our arbours, living willow screens, arches and pergolas offer a stunningly beautiful, finishing touch.

living willow tunnel in consett
living willow tunnel in consett

Living willow provides endless scope to fill space and create permanent outdoor structures, perfect for play, relaxation, to create focal points or provide privacy. 

Please contact us with your ideas for your own living willow structure. 

living willow dome
living willow dome

Willow Craft

We cultivate our own willow using traditional coppicing and treatment methods to create a huge range of products for use in schools, communities, drop in sessions, gardens
and public places. Learning to manipulate this wonderful, flexible and
natural material is very rewarding as it is surprisingly strong.