Art Therapy

Many groups of people can benefit from the relaxing yet focussed activity of willow weaving. It takes one away from ones normal modes of thinking.

I have seen good results in working with groups suffering from various types of adversity or needing a space to share with others in similar roles; such as alcoholics, refugees, vulnerable women, elderly isolated, Dads with young children, long term unemployed, ‘NEWTS’ and patients in a secure hospital. This physical, repetitive yet creative therapy has been useful in reducing stress and providing relaxation as a means for people in an informal learning group to engage with one another. 

Please contact us to find out more about art therapy using willow weaving.

therapeutic craft
therapeutic craft

Community Workshop

We offer a range of community based workshops that promote teamwork and social engagement. We can deliver our workshops either indoors or outdoors and can offer a range services that allow participants to create their own pieces such as
basketry items or plant trainers for their gardens.